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Home Remedies

Here are some home remedies that I thought you girls might appreciate...

Budwiser Beer rinse will condition your hair
Cool Whip will do the same when left in for 15 minutes
Mayonaise will condition your hair as well as kill lice
Vinegar will take care of dandruff
Brewed Lipton Tea will give your hair added shine
Lemon Juice will help bring out natural highlights

Pam cooking spray will dry your fingernail polish quicker
Elmers glue put on your face a left to dry will lift dead skin and blackheads when you peel it off!
Preperation H will cure puffy eyes

Brewed Lipton Tea in your bathwater will soothe a sunburn
Colgate Toothpaste will help pull stains out of clothes
To keep flowers fresh longer, add a little Clorox, or 2 bayer asprins, or just use 7up instead of water.

Disclaimer: I've never actually used any of these, so I can't claim that any of them will actually work. I do know people who've used the mayonaise in the hair and the Preperation H under their eyes and say that it works beautifully though!
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