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Good enough to eat!

Just thought I would mention some products that I've tried recently and really enjoyed.

For Christmas I got some bath products by Pure Spring in Honey scent. They smell so good. It comes with this "bath syrup" that's in an adorable jar shaped like a beehive. They are moderately priced (comparative to B&BWorks, maybe slightly cheaper) and smell SOOOOO good. The shower creme makes your skin so soft and just leaves it with this light honey scent. I'm in love.

Today I also bought some Herbal Essences because they were on sale. Typically I'm a die hard Pantene ProV girl, but I rotate like a good girl should to help avoid build-up. ANYHOW, they have these new Fruit fusion scents and the one for normal hair is pomegranate scented and is really really nice as well.

If you like yummy scented bath products, those are a few to try!
If you've got any favorites, drop me a comment. I'm always looking for new ones to try.
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